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Military Hero Jeff Boskovitch

Jeff Boskovitch
Military Hero Jeff Boskovitch

A procession carries Military Hero Jeff Boskovitch under the American Flag
A procession carries Military Hero Jeff Boskovitch
under the American Flag

Military Hero Jeff Boskovitch is honored <br>for his service and courage
Military Hero Jeff Boskovitch is honored
for his service and courage

by Kevin Caruso

Military Hero Cpl. Jeff Boskovitch, 25, was an outstanding Marine.

He was extremely proud to be serving in Iraq, and he believed that he was “part of a larger purpose” with his service their, according to family members.

And his family was proud of his dedication.

Jeff was killed on August 1, 2005, by small-arms fire while conducting dismounted operations outside Haditha, Iraq.

"At my heart right now is that I won't be able to say, 'Jeff, you did a great job and I'm so proud of you,' " said his uncle, Joe Andrick.

“He had the biggest heart in the world,” said his uncle, Dan Boskovitch. “He was just a great kid.”

“The members of the sniper unit were close. Jeff declined a promotion because he wanted to stay with the unit,” said Boskovitch.

Jeff was a handsome, intelligent, talented, altruistic and well respected man.

He graduated from Normandy High School in 1999, had completed the law enforcement program at Cuyahoga Community College and worked with the Geauga County sheriff.

He had planned on becoming a police officer and believed the Marine Reserves would prepare him. And there is no doubt that Jeff would have been a great police officer.

A few days before Jeff was killed, he spoke with his fiancé, Shelley Tevis, and set a date for their wedding – October 14, 2006.

He is survived by his parents, Katherine Wright and James Boskovitch; brother, Brian Boskovitch; sister, Kimberly Boskovitch; stepbrother, Brian Wright, Michael Wright, and Amanda, Austin, Amy and Abby Kozma; grandfathers, Germaine Zakel, Daniel Boskovitch, Leta Wright, and Dianne Brunson; and numerous cosins.

"I know Jeff's in Heaven looking down [on us]."
Georgianna Deuley, cousin of Jeff Boskovitch.

God bless you Jeff.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

America is proud of you.

You are a true military hero.

We miss you.

We love you.

You are an angel.

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