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Military Hero James Graham III

James Graham III
Military Hero James Graham III

by Kevin Caruso

Military Hero Sgt. James Graham III, 25, was an outstanding Marine.

He received three medals for his service in Iraq: the Good Conduct Medal, the Armed Forces Reserve Medal, and the Selective Marine Corps Reserve Medal.

And James received additional awards and honors posthumously, including the Purple Heart.

James was assigned to the Marine Reserve Unit in Broken Arrow, an anti-tank company.

He was conducting combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on August 1, 2005, when he was killed by a suicide care bombing 85 miles northwest of Baghdad.

James was married and had two small children.

James was a great husband and an excellent father.

Betty Willhoite, a next-door neighbor, said she has fond memories of Graham playing with his boys.

“He would always be out there showing the oldest how to kick a soccer ball into the net,” Willhoite said. “He was a nice man. He worked very hard and was such a good person. I just hate to see this happen to such a nice, young family. He felt like it was his duty.”

“He was very gentle and a great father,” she added.

James was a handsome, caring, intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated Marine.

God bless you James.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

America is proud of you.

You are a true military hero.

We miss you.

We love you.

You are an angel.

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