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Military Hero Military Hero Christopher Phelps

Military Hero Christopher Phelps
Military Hero Christopher Phelps

by Kevin Caruso

Military hero Christopher Phelps, 39, from Louisville, Kentucky, was an outstanding veteran Army sergeant.

Christopher was killed in Iraq on June 23, 2005, when a roadside bomb detonated near his humvee.

Christopher served honorably for 19 years in the Army, which included a deployment in the first Gulf War as a tank driver.

He had a deep love for the Army and was very committed to serving.

"He really liked being in the military and really enjoyed fighting for his country," said Kenny Phelps, Christopher’s brother.

He planned to retire from the military in March, and had recently purchased a house in Colorado in anticipation of his retirement.

He was married to a wonderful woman named Bobbie, and had three children and a stepchild.

Christopher was a gifted athlete and was widely admired for his fitness and athletic abilities.

"Chris was a great guy and one of the best athletes around," said Mark Woods, a childhood friend.

Christopher was the star of his football team at Male High School, and was one of the best football players the school ever saw.

Wally Oyler, his high school football coach, was extremely impressed with Christopher’s talent and versatility on the football field.

“He was a quarterback, wider receiver, and one of the team’s captains. He was a hard worker and a great kid. God, what a tragedy."

Christopher helped lead his high school team to the state playoffs and was recognized as an all-state player in his senior year.

He also was in the high school’s Reserve Officers Training Corps.

After high school, Christopher attended Kentucky State University for a while, but the lure of the Army was too great, and he enlisted to pursue his dream of being in the military.

When Christopher was in Iraq, he sent a letter to one of his sisters saying that he "just couldn't believe some of the things that he was seeing and that was going on," but he didn't elaborate.

When the bomb detonated near his vehicle on June 23, 2005, Christopher was badly wounded, losing both legs and one arm.

But being the courageous, tough fighter that he was, he hung on.

He underwent surgery and doctors tried to stabilize him so he could be flown to a hospital in Germany, but he did not survive.

Tim Boehm, who was principal at Male High School when Christopher was a student best described Christopher when he said: “Christopher was somebody you liked to be around. He was a leader.”

Christopher was a handsome, hard working, skilled, intelligent, compassionate, dedicated veteran Army sergeant.

God bless you Christopher.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

America is proud of you.

You are a true military hero.

We miss you.

We love you.

You are an angel.

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